10 Apps Guaranteed to Give You a Garden Worth Tweeting About

10 Apps Guaranteed to Give You a Garden Worth Tweeting About
I rely on my phone for pretty much all my resource needs. I also love to garden, so I highly recommend these 10 gardening apps. Get them now before your indoor seed starts and seed catalog dreams become reality. Eight out of the 10 are free, so what are you waiting for?

Android Gardening Apps
Remember to Water - Works for indoor plants as well, making it useful both at home and the office. Link plant photos to a timer/alarm for a "time to water" reminder. No more overwatering, or plants forgotten on a shelf.

Tips, videos and links to additional resources, everything you'll need to begin your garden; from two pots on the patio to a full fledged vegetable oasis!

Gardenate - This app provides lists of plants, planting calendars, and tips for successful. Especially love it because it covers optimal planting calendars and plants appropriate for the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa!

Bugs in the Garden - Find out whether your bugs will help or hurt your carefully nurtured vegetables and flowers. Got kids? Get this app and let them do the research!

Into Square Foot Gardening? Try Garden Squared for planning and tracking. This tool allows garden planning in square foot increments and allows entry of results, reminders, etc. so you can learn from past experience.

Organic Gardening - Tips and solutions for indoor and outdoor gardening without using toxic chemicals. Includes recipes for organic fertilizer, pest treatments and more. 

iPhone and iPad Apps
Mother Earth News Food Gardening Guide Available for Android and iPhone. - I'm a child of the hippy era, anything from Mother Earth News catches my attention. This app is complete with tips and tricks for all your favorite vegetables! Updated with the most recent gardening articles and tips from the magazine!

Garden ID - Using your specific location, get recommendations for plants based on soil type, sun levels, and more! It also tells you which plants do best growing together, for a truly harmonious garden!

Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier Amazing app! Take a photo of your mystery plant, or a diseased leaf or branch and forward. A team of experts will review and let you know what you're dealing with! Also provides quick links to retail outlets and ordering plants online.

Sprout It - Another great app that uses your location and local weather to indicate the best plants to select for you! Includes tips for when and where to plant and how much to water. Also provides suggestions for uses once your crop is harvested. 

Many of these apps offer an option to share your results with gardening friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more. For many it's therapeutic, and a chance for some peace. If you want to be proud of your garden, try one or more of these apps and see where your green thumb will take you!  Need more gardening apps? Top 10 Gardening Apps for 2014