10 Handy Gardening Apps We Really Dig!

10 Handy Gardening Apps We Really Dig!
Your garden is looking promising. You are hoping for a bumper crop this year, but as you know, setbacks happen. You forget what you planted, plant at the wrong time or end up fighting an army of unidentified pests. You know what you need? A gardening app! Get a jump on your garden problems by downloading a few of these apps.

Garden Squared: A great garden begins with a good plan. Garden Squared is an app that helps you plan and track your garden from beginning to harvest. From square foot gardens, raised beds or patio container gardens, get the information you need to plant each plot.

Leafsnap: Forget what you planted? It happens! Use Leafsnap to identify a plant by its flower, leave or seeds. Snap a photo with your phone and submit to the app for instant results.

Garden Pro!: This little app currently costs $4, but it is a worthy investment! Garden Pro! Is a comprehensive reference app that helps newbie and experienced growers manage their gardens. Access an exhaustive list of veggies, flowers, and delectable herbs. Discover both the common name and botanical names and when the plant blooms. This app also gives you tips on water and light preferences.

Garden Compass Plant: Tired of losing plants to disease? You've got to try this app. Snap a photo and send it to app team. They'll diagnose your problem and provide you with a solution. Best of all Garden Compass Plant is free!

iGarden USA: Don't know when to plant in your climate zone? Don't leave the home improvement store without consulting this app. iGarden USA allows user to contribute too. You can suggest plants to other users in your planting zone and share pictures.

Garden Time Planner: Designed by Burpee, the Garden Time Planner is really a one-stop shop for gardeners. This app alerts gardeners, letting them know when to sow, when to transplant and when to expect to harvest vegetables and herbs, according to their garden region. The app generates a task list and it notifies the user when to sow or transplant next. Also in the app is a database of plants and handy links to how-to gardening videos.

iGrowit: This app has awesome graphics! Download iGrowit and get tips on preparation, planting and sowing and even tips on how to eat them. What's so great about this app? You can plug in your zip code and get detailed information about plants in your region. It's only .99!

Essential Garden Guide: Designed for the iPad, the Essential Garden Guide helps you learn the secrets of how to grow a gorgeous backyard garden. This app combines 15 years of contributions from knowledgeable sources including renowned agricultural institutions and extensions. This app is a wealth of great information for gardeners.

Gardening Toolkit: Enjoy hundreds of photos, look at lists of plants, get a watering guide and store your own photos. With the Gardening Toolkit, you'll always know, month by month what to plant, water and feed.

Rain Harvest: Wondering how much rain falls in your yard during a typical rain storm? You need this app! Rain Harvest is a rain harvesting calculator. Put this resource to use and determine when you need to water your garden to make up a rain deficit. 

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