5 Interesting Reasons Gardeners Love the Rain

5 Interesting Reasons Gardeners Love the Rain
This morning's rain made me smile. Then, I started thinking about my love of rain. As a gardener, there are many reasons I'm happy to see it. Of course, we all know that rain waters the garden. That's no surprise. Can you think of some other reasons a gardener might love to see the rain? I certainly can. Here's my top 5.

Rain water is better for the garden than tap water.
Did you know that rain water, unlike, tap water, contains hydrogen peroxide? What's so great about that? That extra molecule of oxygen gives your garden a boost that tap water can't possibly compete with. Not only that, tap water contains chemicals that aren't exactly eco-friendly. So, praise the rain, not only because it waters the plants, but because it does so in a healthier manner.

Rain saves me work.
The more it rains, the less I have to water. With Lupus and Rheumatoid, watering is a real chore. Of course, we are gradually building a watering system into our garden. We also plan to purchase some lightweight cloth hoses. Meanwhile, though, I'm thankful for the reprieve from watering I get from the occasional rain.

Rain gives me a whole day off sometimes.
Who wants to garden in muck and mud? Not me. So, not only does rain save me work, sometimes it gives me an entire day off. In gardening season, I don't get a whole day off much. There's always watering and weeding to do. There are bugs and diseases to check for. Sometimes there is harvesting. It's always something! I'm in the garden pretty much every day. That is, unless it rains. When it does, I have an excuse to take a breather.

It fills up the rain barrels.
Rain isn't just a one day reprieve from watering. For those of us who use rain barrels and other water diversion devices, it can mean a week of free water. At our house, we divert water from our downspouts using hose. When the garden has sufficient water, we feed the hose into barrels and other containers for storage.

Rain is cleansing and more.
Sure, there is that little pest known as acid rain. However, for the most part, rain doesn't just water the garden, it cleans it. It also promotes fresh, new growth. It washes some pests away. It clears the air. The day after a rainstorm brings fresh, clean air to enjoy while gardening. It also shows gardeners the weaknesses of their garden, things that don't stand up to the weather and areas that need improvement.