How to Have a Low-Maintenance Yard

How to Have a Low-Maintenance Yard
You don't have to dedicate all of your Saturday mornings during the summer to your lawn and garden. There is a better and easier way to have both a beautiful yard and free Saturdays, and that's by having a low-maintenance yard. These four easy steps will get you on the path towards developing a low-maintenance yard so you can reclaim your weekends.

Low-Maintenance Plants
Start by planting low-maintenance plants that are suited to your particular landscape and growing zone. Select plants that require minimal pruning, dead-heading, separating and clean-up. For example, a slow-growing conifer will require less of your time and energy than an oak tree, and perennials require less planting effort than annuals. Opt for the easiest to maintain trees, flowers and shrubs to meet the landscape needs you have.

Right Plants
Every landscape has its own variety of micro-climates. One section of your yard may stay damp all the time while the another section may be in full sun and remain dry all the time. Select plants that do their best in each micro-climate for easy-care. Plant drought tolerant plants in the sunny, dry soil and marshland plants in the damp areas and the plants will be right at home with little effort on your part.
Always select plants that do well in your particular growing zone for easy-care. A tropical plant, like a bird-of-paradise, will require much less hands-on care in Florida than it in will New York. Plants that are native to your growing zone will require the least of all maintenance.

Rethink the Lawn
How much green grass do you really need? Less grass means less mowing, but that's not to say let the weeds take over. Consider low-growing ground covers that require little to no maintenance but are still foot-traffic friendly. Another option to a wide open expanse of grass that needs mowing is to implement some xeriscaping into your landscape. Xeriscaping is done with pebbles, boulders, succulents, yard art or other items that require nothing other than what mother nature provides for them.

Walkways, patios, decks and lawn edging are called 'hardscapes'. Lawn surface made from hard material and requires little to no maintenance. Consider adding hard pathways around your flower garden, stepping stones to your garden or a new patio to help cut down on Saturday morning yard work chores.