Impressive Ways to Plant Hens and Chicks Indoors

Impressive Ways to Plant Hens and Chicks Indoors
Creative Ideas for Displaying Succulents

Hens and chicks are hardy succulents that thrive outdoors in zones four through eight. They are a phenomenal perennial ground cover, and they are ideal plants for containers, especially strawberry pots. They also make fantastic houseplants. Consider these creative ways to plant them indoors, and make them a part of your decorating scheme. They can be incorporated into many different planting schemes that will beautifully enhance your home.

Planting Recommendation
Cactus soil is ideal for succulents, but it is not required. For adequate drainage, fill the bottoms of the planters with gravel, and add a mixture of half sand and half nutrient-rich soil. Excess water will drain away from tender roots. Allow the soil to fully dry in between light applications of water. Display them in a location that receives full to partial sunlight. For best results, place them in a cooler location for three to four months to replicate the lower temperatures of the dormant season.

Grow Them in Pots That Contain Other Low-Moisture Houseplants
One of the most impressive ways to plant hens and chicks indoors is in a pot that contains other live growth. Keep in mind that both should have the same requirements. Since succulents store water in their foliage and do not require as much moisture as many other plants, select something drought-tolerant. A snake plant is an excellent choice to pair with hens and chicks. It will grow upward while continually developing new shoots. The lower growing succulents will spread and beautifully hide the soil.

Place Teacups Filled with Hens and Chicks on a Kitchen Windowsill
Hens and chicks are one of the most versatile outdoor plants that can be grown indoors. They require very little space, and they make wonderful windowsill plants. Instead of using small planters, use teacups to grow immature plants. As chicks sprout and develop, they can be clipped away and rooted elsewhere. The arrangement will look lovely, especially in a kitchen with quaint cottage style.

Plant Them in Lined Woven Baskets
Shallow woven baskets make wonderful planters for succulents, and they are ideal for indoor arrangements. Plant hens a chicks in a shallow basket lined with a clay planter or a plastic liner of the appropriate size. Add miniature ivy around the sides. It will look pretty hanging over the edges, especially on a pedestal or on the top tier of a plant stand.