Best Vegetable Garden Fertilizers for an Abundant Harvest

Feeding Your Vegetable Garden so that it Feeds You

Our grocery budget has increased more and more due to the recession, increased fuel charges and shipping charges. All of these factors have raised the price of food substantially in the past year causing families to search for ways to cut their food budgets. Our family began planning a vegetable garden this winter in hopes of growing more of our own food for this summer. In addition to saving money, by having our own vegetable garden we will eat healthier and better-prepared meals. My father has planted vegetable gardens for years so I asked him what we should look for in a fertilizer for vegetable gardens. He said that he has used many fertilizers over the years in his vegetable garden but his top five best fertilizers for vegetable gardens were these.

The best all-purpose fertilizer for his vegetable garden was the Slow-Release All-Purpose Fertilizer by Gardener's Supply Company. This fertilizer is 100% organic, which we love, so there are no harmful chemicals to taint your vegetables. The slow release formula keeps a steady concentration of nutrients in the soil to enhance the growth of vegetables all season long.

Gardener's Supply Company also has the best tomato fertilizer for huge, plump and delicious tomatoes. This fertilizer also uses slow release to keep a constant level of nutrients in the soil to enhance root growth and fruit production. This fertilizer also contains phosphorus to enhance fruit production and is organic so that your tomatoes will be healthy as well as beautiful.

For beginner gardeners like ourselves, my father suggested we use Jobes Organic Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes. They are pre-measured, easy to use and provide great fertilization for a vegetable garden. Since they are stuck into the ground, they fertilizer vegetable plants at the root and promotes microbial action at the roots. In addition to being convenient, easy to use and an excellent fertilizer they are also OMRI™ certified for use in organic gardens.

Osmocote® Vegetable & Bedding Smart-Release® Plant Food by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is a good all-purpose fertilizer for vegetable gardens. The formula is a slow release, multi-nutritional formula providing a balance of nutrients to vegetables all season but must be repeated approximately every four months. The benefit of this vegetable garden fertilizer is that you can also use it with trees, shrubs and perennials for those who wish to have one convenient product for all of their fertilizing requirements.

Another all-purpose product from Scotts is their Scotts® All-Purpose Flower and Vegetable Food. This food may be used on flowers and vegetable gardens making it a convenient product for gardeners. The slow-release formula protects from burning the plants and maintains a steady flow of nutrients into the soil. This vegetable fertilizer is relatively inexpensive if you are searching for a quality product with low cost.