Five Unusual Ideas and Helpful Tips for Spring Gardening

If you are looking for a healthy garden that will bloom fast and if you need your vegetables to grow bigger, it doesn't take fancy tools, expensive products or even special skills to have a fuller, healthier garden. What it does take is helpful ideas and tips which can help a person who may seem as if they have a brown thumb, because not everybody was born with gardening skills or a green thumb. Here are five helpful tips that are unusual yet will assist you to have a healthier garden.

1. Tip One: Plant by moon light
To have better-tasting veggies you should garden and plant by the light of the moon. This helps your garden flourish better as well as fuller and healthier. Moon light is an added bonus. The garden grows faster and stronger by moon light than it will if you plant by day.

2. Tip two: Plant in odd numbers
To make sure your garden looks balanced and more pleasing to the eye, plant in odd numbers. Planting in odd numbers removes the illusion that plants need to be bigger and healthier. Also, remember to plant on a cool moon light day.

3. Tip three: Use eggs shells as fertilizer
To fertilize the garden, use egg shells to help vegetables grow bigger and healthier. Dried egg shells are rich in calcium carbonate. Crush the egg shells up in a blender and neatly place them in the garden to enrich the soil.

4. Tip four: Water your plants with boiled cooking water
To water the garden, use the water left after boiling pasta and vegetables as it is full of left-over vitamins and nutrients. After cooking vegetables, allow the water to cool at room temperature and then use this to water your plants for a greener and healthier result.

5. Tip Five: Plant Placement Order
Consider the order of plants in your garden. Plant the short ones on the south side of your garden and the tall plants on the north side of the garden. This will prevent the short plants from being over-shadowed by taller plants, because sometimes tall plants shade the short plants from the sun.
Spring is a vital time to prepare the garden soil, get the seedlings started and transplant the vegetables. Also, spring probably has the most unpredictable weather and is one of the busiest seasons for raising a garden. Nevertheless with these helpful ideas and tips you can harvest healthier vegetables like corn, peas or lima bean, of your choice. Happy gardening!