Fun Ways to Decorate the Trunks of Trees

Trees are beautiful without extra embellishments. In the spring, their leaves are a gorgeous shade of bright green, and their color deepens as they mature. What sets them apart from the rest are their size and characteristic shapes. Some develop magnificent blooms, and others grow fruit or unique seed pods. Either way, they can look far more colorful and visually appealing. Consider adding cast resin, metal or wooden decorations, and do something different to enhance your yard. Small finishing nails can be safely used to hang outdoor decor on live trees, and the items that they hold will personalize your outdoor space in exclusive and striking new ways.

Add Forest Faces
You can give your trees fun expressions with forest faces. They can be found online, and they are typically made of cast resin, wood or garden cement. The separate pieces can be attached to make extra-large or small faces that appear to be part of the tree trunk. Some are smiling and friendly in appearance, while others are wise and somber spirits of the woodland. In any case, they are a fantastic addition to a piece of property with country cottage or forest style.

Consider Smiling Monkeys
If you would prefer something whimsical, consider hanging smiling cast resin monkeys on your tree trunks. Search the Internet using the terms hide and seek monkey tree decor. They look as if they are playing hide-and-go-seek as they peek around the sides of the trees. Their smiling faces are hard to resist. If possible, buy one for every tree in your yard. Display potted tropical plants and other rainforest decor beneath the trees and throughout the yard. It will definitely look unique, especially in location that is anything but tropical.

Hang Metal Butterflies on the Trunk
Do you love butterflies? Metal butterfly wall sculptures that are meant for indoor use can be protected with clear acrylic sealer and hung outdoors. Several small metal butterflies with look fantastic on a tree trunk. Wire them to small finishing nails that have been tapped into the wood. For something truly eye-catching, plant astilbes, lobelia, lily of the valley and/or black cohosh around the tree. They grow well in shade in most hardiness zones, and their gorgeous blooms will attract real butterflies.