How to Attract Wildlife to Your Yard and Garden

Creating a backyard oasis that mimics the wilderness is the goal of many wildlife enthusiasts. While others put up fences, sprinkle poisons or chemical deterrents, these people want to attract birds, critters, and even deer to their gardens. This article will give some tips on both attracting and living with the wildlife in your yard and garden.

Attract Birds to Your Yard and Garden
The number one way to attract birds to your yard and garden is by providing seeds for them to eat. Birds seem to have some secret communication. Once one bird finds your birdfeeder or scattered seeds, more and more come to your yard.
If you do not want to purchase birdfeed and hang a feeder, you can attract birds of various types by planting different plants. Sunflowers will attract many birds, as will coneflower, and thistle plants.
Birds also need places for shelter and nesting. Evergreen trees and bushes will provide year-round safety. Birds are more apt to stay in your yard and garden if you provide places to roost.

Attract Critters to Your Yard and Garden
If you want to attract rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small critters to your yard, you must provide food, shelter, and water. A water garden or pond will attract many types of wildlife. A short tray of water or ground-level birdbath will do fine as well.
Birdfeeders will attract squirrels and chipmunks as well. Squirrels need a network of tall trees to live in and travel, while chipmunks would prefer some safe hiding spots on the ground.
Instead of using poisonous fertilizers and pesticides on your yard, let the dandelions and clover grown. Rabbits love to munch on these.

Attract Deer to Your Yard and Garden
Deer can do a lot of damage to flower and vegetable gardens, so be sure you can deal with that before enticing them into your yard. Of course, if deer do not live in your area due to lack of habitat like woods, you will not get any in your yard. If you live near major roadways, it is probably better to not try to entice them, as the danger of accidents and death will increase.
Deer can be attracted to your yard and garden with an abundance of plants and some cover such as shrubbery and trees. Scattering cracked corn on the ground, or laying out ears of corn are great ways to attract wildlife.

If you wish to attract wildlife to your yard and garden, you must be prepared for what you will receive. Certain habitats can entice birds, small animals, and deer to your yard. You must learn how to live peacefully with them to truly enjoy their company.