My 10 Picks for the Best Gardening Apps for IPad

Gardening ToolKit HD- the easy way to garden!

Gardening ToolKit gives data based on your location (where you live), takes in account the season, when frost is likely to occur, and gives suggestions of what plants would be good for your garden. I like the new features, one is a diary where you can keep records of the plants in your garden and the other is a reminder, where you can keep organized.

The app is $3.99. This app isn't available for iPhone.

Vegetable Garden Guides

This app is a guide on how to plant and grow vegetables, it includes the growing process from seeds to planting, to harvesting, and finally to storing. It is a great guide for beginner vegetable gardeners. I could have used this app when starting my garden many years ago.

The app is $1.99. This app is compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Organic Farming

This app gives information on kitchen gardening because of the positive and negative aspects of commercial corps. It will show how to grow crops in small pots or small raised garden beds. I like the layout of the app and the techniques for small organic farming.

This app is $0.99. This is only compatible for iPad.

Essential Gardening Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening

This app is for the iPad. It teaches the basics on how to grow a vegetable or fruit garden. Starting with soil preparation, watering, and maintenance of the garden. I like that it's basic and should be a good guide for beginner gardeners.

App is $1.99. This app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Garden Planner HD

This app contains growing guides for vegetables, fruits, and herbs with details on soil preparation, growing tips, harvesting, and suggestions on the best variety of plants. They give information on pest control of the plants in your garden. You can track and add notes of your gardening information. I really like the plot planner screen of your garden's planting area.

This app is $3.99. This app is only available for the iPad.

Grow Herbs HD

This is a great app for the beginner as well as the experienced gardener. There are many growing guides on a wide variety of herbs. They have photos of each herb with detailed description. A nice guide for herb gardening.

The app is $0.99. This is only compatible for the iPad.

Flower Pedia HD

This app has over 2,800 photos of flowers from all over the world. You can search for flowers by state or country. You can share flower locations with friends and with the Flower Pedia community. There is in-depth information on over 830 genera from 140 flower plant families. This is not a botanist encyclopedia but a casual reference ebook for the flower lover. I like that it's a social media center for flower enthusiasts.

This app is the most expensive at $9.99. This app is only compatible for the iPad.

The Denver Post Garden Colorado

This is a magazine app that gives information on growing gardens in Colorado. Colorado has such diverse climates and altitudes that growing plants can be very difficult. I live in Colorado and know that some plants don't thrive here with our dry climate and clay soil so it's great to have a magazine dedicated to us.

The app is free with offers of in-app purchases of monthly issues. This is compatible for iPad.