Patio Improvement Ideas That Work Year-Round for Entertaining

Patio Improvement Ideas That Work Year-Round for Entertaining
Have you thought about improving your backyard patio for spring and summer after years of using the same design? Particularly after a harsh winter (or three), your previous design may have taken a beating that gives it an embarrassingly worn look to guests. You may need some different ideas to help enliven things for the summer and for use year-round, including during relatively stable winters.

Adding a Pergola
Pergolas have become excellent stylistic choices for backyard patios without necessarily protecting from the elements. That's because they still have openings at the top, though provide enough covering where they make direct sunshine less intense. They're the perfect hybrid between a gazebo and arbor. Using different designs, you can create ones that provide little private areas with table and chairs where visitors can hold conversations.

Weather-Resistant Rugs
While you may have avoided using rugs in your outdoor patio area, a weather-resistant one can spruce things up without needing much else. More and more high-quality rugs resistant to weather have become available on the market, including from such unsurprising big names as Martha Stewart. And while buying from familiar names usually means quality, look for ones made out of recycled material if you want to live green.

Using a Fire Pit
Here's another stylish option that can improve your patio based on appearance and year-round usefulness. With a fire pit, you basically have a multipurpose system for roasting marshmallows or for building a general fire to keep warm during the fall or winter months. You can set up an environment not unlike a warm living room if you entertain during a winter that doesn't necessarily resemble Polar Vortex. Fire pits can be found on Google shopping for varying prices depending on stylistic choice.

More Creative Plantings
For those that want more nature around their backyard patio, you can add some vast improvements by honing in on your plantings. Adding more or shaping the ones you already have creates some interesting ideas.

Some people use plantings with their pergolas to create a natural wall for private settings. Others may want to create elaborate gardens with tropical plants or flowering borders around the patio. Adding flowers around a patio path can also create an aroma that some guests will love. That may have to be sans roses since you'd play risk of at least one guest being allergic to them. If you are looking ways to brind more light to your garden as well as aiming for a classy look this article titled Tips to Brighten Dark Areas in Landscape Design