Planting the Right Flowers and Herbs in Your Garden, Part Five

How to Use Your Herbs and Flowers

There are so many things to use your fresh herbs and flowers straight from your garden for. In this article we will take a deep look into the types of wonderful uses for your precious plants and how using the natural qualities of them can save you money. The recipes listed below are great ways to remove synthetic and chemically based pollutants from your home and your kitchen.

Planting the Right Flowers and Herbs in your Garden: Home

There are many things in the house that you could do without and replace with the natural elements provided. For instance air fresheners are a huge money making market. Why? Because, there is no one that wouldn't want a clean, fresh smelling home. But, there is no need to buy air fresheners when you have a garden filled with fragrant bouquets of natural orient.

By doing a little research on aroma therapy, which you can find in my previous works or from your local library, you can find the flowers and herbs that fit your life the most. By planting these items for: relaxation, energetic atmosphere, etc. you can reap the rewards. For example, first buy a sprits bottle and take the desired aromatic plants and bring to a boil in your saucepan. Strain and let cool. Fill the bottle with the clean and clear liquid. For a special touch (and a reminder as to the type of spray is in that bottle) place a fresh sprig inside. Spray around the house as desired. My personal favorite is a spring bouquet for all occasions. It is strong and lasts a relatively long time.

Forget about mothballs! They are toxic little things that have a fowl smelling odor. Southernwood is a natural repellent. Dry these sprigs and keep in your linen closets, cloth closets and anywhere else you may find is a problem with these pests.

Fabric softeners and fresheners are another big money sucker. Making natural lotions is a simple task that is highly beneficial, again, I have written pieces on this before so it will take a little research or perhaps get a book on the subject of making herbal lotions. When your clothes hit the rinse cycle, put a half of a cup of natural moisturizing lotion into the washer. Then, once they are finished and you put the clothes into the dryer be sure to toss in a few of your favorite herbs and flowers as well.

Soapwort is a popular root that can be made into shampoos, upholstery cleaners, hand soaps, pet cleaning products and so much more. Cleaning, peeling and boiling this root you can easily combine your favorite and aromatic herbs and flowers to scent it to your desire. This is a practice done for centuries and has still not lost its charm.

Planting the Right Flowers and Herbs in your Garden: Kitchen

Fresh tea is perhaps the best way to relax after a hard day. What better tea than one made from your own garden? Simply harvest the leaves desired, making sure first that you are careful not to include any toxic plants, and simmer in a saucepan of water.

Making butter is still a ritual that many people enjoy but most people find that they simply do not have the time. If you are pressed for time there is a simple recipe to remember that can enhance the flavor of any meal using your fresh herbs from the garden. Take the desired butter product and work into a smooth texture. Cut fresh, matured herbs and mix well. Form butter into a shape that can easily fit into a butter dish. Refrigerate and keep cool when not in use. This is excellent on corn on the cob, fish, steak, mashed potatoes, seafood, and so much more. For garlic lovers add fresh grated garlic when adding the herbs.

Adding herbs to all of your soups, salads, and main dishes can enhance the flavors of the food in so many ways. This is a healthy practice that warms the body. Try new ideas in your kitchen

Planting the Right Flowers and Herbs in your Garden: Your Imagination

Remember, you are a creative person and can accomplish anything. There are so many simple recipes that you can make if you allow your creativity and imagination take over. You can make new family favorites from kitchen dishes to the care of your family... have fun loosen up and enjoy the benefits of you garden.

There are no limitations on what you can create. There are so many sights, smells and tastes of the flowers and herbs you have chosen to plant in your garden and the delights are endless. The sky is the limit so have fun and craft something grand for your home.

Planting the Right Flowers and Herbs in your Garden: Conclusion

This is only one article in a long gardening series on planting your garden just in time for spring. Remember, your imagination knows no bounds and you can create wonderfully fragrant uses for your flowers and tastes with your herbs. Your garden should bring you happiness and a natural aspect into your life. So, with that said, happy gardening!