Plants that Are Dangerous to Your Pet

Plants to Avoid If You Own a Dog or Cat

There are so many plants that are poisonous to your animals and most people don't know the half of them. There are literally dozens and dozens of plants that could be making your pet sick with things like vomiting, swelling of the tongue, abdominal pain or even convulsions.

If you know for a fact that your pet has ingested a poisonous plant call the vet right away or use the ASPCA's poison control hotline, with a small fee attached to help support the cause. The number is 1-888-ANI-HELP and is available 24 hours a day for poison information.

If you're a pet owner it pays to know a little something about poisonous plants. You can spend literally thousands of dollars taking your dog to a vet, with neither of you ever knowing the cause of your animal's illness.

Some people have plants in their yard and have no idea what they are. Others intend to garden new plants and flowers, never knowing they're poisonous to their pets. Here is a partial list of plants that can harm your animals:

Cats: Alfalfa, American coffee berry tree, bloodroot, bouncing bet, bull nettle, burning bush or fireweed, carelessweed, clovers, cocklebur, creeping Charlie ivy, delphinium, devil's trumpet, dogbane, English ivy, ergot, bracken fern, fireweed, ground ivy, hemlock, hemp, horse chestnut, horse nettle, horsetails, Jamestown weed, Japanese yew, Jerusalem Cherry, Kentucky coffee tree, klamath weed, lamb's quarters, larkspur, lupine, mad apple, mayapple, milkweed, purple mist, nicker tree, nightshade, oleander, Ohio buckeye, pigweed, poison ivy, poison oak, redroot, squirrel corn, stagger weed, St. John's wort, stink weed stump tree, sudan grass, summer cypress, thorn apple, water icy, white snakeroot, wild onion and yellow sage.

Dogs: algae, almonds, amaryllis, apricots, arrowhead vine, asparagus fern, autumn crocus, azalea, blackberry, black-eye Susan, black nightshade, bleeding heart, boxwood, bracken or brake fern, cactus, caladium, calla lily, ceriman, charming dieffenbachia, cherry, chinese evergreen, Christmas rose, chrysanthemum, cineraria, clematis, climbing nightshade, cordatum, corn plant, crabgrass, corn stalk plant, crocus, croton, Cuban laurel, curly dock, devil's ivy, dumb cane, Easter lily, elephant's ear, emeral feather, English holly, eucalyptus, fiddle-leaf fig, glory lily, gold dust dracaena, hellaborus, holly berries, iris, jasmine, jonquil, kalanchoe, laburnum, ligustrum, marble queen, mistletoe, morning glory, mushrooms, nephthytis, nettles, nutmeg, onion, oriental lily, peace lily, peach, pencil cactus, periwinkle, plumosa fern, potato, precatory beans, primrose, privet, purple foxglove, red emerald, red princess, rubber plants, sage lily, skunk cabbage, spider plant, spring bulbs, taro vine, tiger lily, tobacco, tomato plants, wandering Jew, wild black cherry, wisteria, and yellow jasmine.

Dogs and Cats: buckeye, buttercup, castor beans, crown of thorns, daffodil, elderberry, foxglove, hemlock, hyacinth, hydrangea, Jack-in-the-pulpit, lantana, lily of the valley, narcissus, philodendron, pokeweed, rhododendron, tulip, water hemlock, and yew.