Pricing Sod Tips

There's nothing better than a beautiful green freshly cut lawn for gaining curb appeal. Installing sod is the perfect way to get instant grass in your yard that's lush and beautiful, lasting for years to come with the proper care and maintenance. Your region, your climate and your weather all decide the price and availability of specific sod varieties. Use this guide to sod to determine which variety is the best for your new lawn.

Kentucky Bluegrass
A cold loving sod that's perfect for all northern climates. Kentucky bluegrass is probably one of the most commonly blended species of northern acclimatized grasses. Fescue, Bermuda and even Zoysia has been blended with Kentucky bluegrass. This lush and cold tolerant species has a thicker leaf stalk and needs plenty of water to maintain maximum growth. There are many blends and varieties of Kentucky bluegrass that thrive in both shade and sun, so choosing an affordable blend that's perfect for your area and climate should be easy to find. A quick search through the many online home improvement blogs can help you to find the best deal in your area.

Often blended with Kentucky bluegrass, fescue grows well in a wide variety of soil conditions. It has a vibrant green color and a slightly thinner stalk than bluegrass. Fescue grows well in most northern areas and can be bought in seed and sod form readily. Fescue prices are typically lower than most northern sod species.
This gorgeous grass is probably the best looking grass money can buy, and it can be expensive. Bermuda sod is tolerant to heat, has a lush green dense mat and can be high maintenance. It is commonly sold in southern states, but blended versions of this sod can be found in moderate and even cold climates. Used in playing fields and golf courses, it not only looks good, but is very durable. Probably the highest priced sod species available.

A low maintenance weed tolerant sod, centipede is a very common sod that is used primarily in warmer climates. Its root structure resembles a centipede as it spreads and grows. It quickly runs over any weeds and other grasses and fills the entire yard with a lush green grass. Centipede is an affordable sun loving thin leafed sod that grows best in hot and dry climates.

Zoysia is most commonly used in the south but there are moderate climate species that do well. This low maintenance sod needs little watering and grows very well in sandy soils, making it a diverse and hardy species. Zoysia sod needs little watering and can grow well in the most shade filled and sunny areas of your lawn. Prices can be high in some areas and low in others, as this sod is regionally grown is a few locations around the southern United States.

St. Augustine
St. Augustine sod only grows around the Gulf of Mexico region of the United States so therefore it doesn't do well in cold conditions. This thick green carpet of grass thrives in southern areas like Florida and Texas and is used in many yards, golf courses and commercial properties. It needs little watering and grows best in sunny locations. Prices remain consistent throughout the gulf region, but it rises significantly the further north you go.