The Importance of Garden Décor

The Importance of Garden Décor
While flower gardens add beauty and value to any landscape, they can also become monotonous and require a lot of hard work. Garden décor will break up the monotony and add an element of surprise to any size garden. Adding maintenance-free garden décor also lightens the work load and fills in the bloom-time gaps that can leave a flower bed looking in need of a little something more.

A sea of red tulips in bloom during the spring is lovely and a trellis covered with the fragrant purple blooms of wisteria is breathtaking. But while walking along the garden paths to behold these blooming sights, an element of surprise and whimsy tucked among the flower blooms makes the walk even more interesting.

Garden décor is also a great way to transition between one grouping of flowers and another without using harsh lines, like rocks, to divide the planting spaces. The decorative items also require no maintenance.

Garden Décor Ideas
A decorative turtle poking his head out from under the broad leaves of a hosta or a lifelike ceramic squirrel or rabbit tucked among the garden foliage will give guests a momentary pause for a second look to see if the item is real or not.

For those gardeners who prefer whismy, add decorative animals and other objects that can't be mistaken for the real thing to add color and fun to your garden.

In-Between Time
Every garden has in-between times, those times between the first round of blooms and the second growth spurt. In-between times can be dull-looking unless you fill in the gaps with garden décor to capture and hold visual interest. Decorative pieces will provide something pretty in the garden to look at year 'round.

Light It Up
Adding solar lights along the edge of a garden pathway will illuminate the blooms by night, but whimsical solar lighting can become part of the garden décor by day as well. Solar lights come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, including lights that look like flowers, butterflies and animals.

Shade Garden
Plants that grow well in shade rarely produce flowers, or have small, insignificant flowers. Adding garden décor that is colorful and light-reflecting to a shade garden will make up for the lack of blooms on shade-loving plants. Whirlygigs, wind socks, chimes and spirals will all catch and reflect the small amount of light in a shade garden and use the wind power to add movement to the area and draw the eye's attention.