This Spring, Give Your Yard a Vintage Look

This Spring, Give Your Yard a Vintage Look
When it comes to decorating I really do enjoy all things vintage. I enjoy the way the vintage items look, and how they hold up under some of the toughest weather conditions. Especially if you take the time to add a few touches that will help preserve them. Below you will find a few creative ideas that you may want to add to your outside d├ęcor for the spring season.

DIY Stacked Planters You should have no problem finding some vintage planters if you have a local thrift store in your neighborhood. If you do not, then perhaps you can do some shopping online at eBay, or on Etsy. Don't worry if the planters are different colors or different shapes. You can paint them all the same color when you receive them and then stack the different sizes on top of each other. Place plants in the entire part of the top planter. The other planters that will be located beneath the main one should have plants only around the border. This way when you place the other planter on top, it won't be sitting on any of the plants. As the plants grow you will have a beautiful arrangement in each of the pots. It will look unusual and unique, and give the outside of your home a beautiful look.

A homemade vintage looking birdhouse can really add a nice look to your yard. What really makes it stand out is that it will not look like your neighbor's bird house. I have always liked something a little more unique and original whenever I choose to decorate. Etsy is a great place to look for antique bird houses. Or you can attempt to make your own.

Vintage Garden Containers
Making your own garden containers will take a little bit of work, but will look great in your yard. I like to use old pieces of wood, which gives it a very aged look. Then using these old pieces you make a wooden box, sort of like a crate. Inside of the crate you can put a nice variety of plants. You can place herb plants, or flowers inside the box. Then place the vintage container somewhere in the yard.

Vintage ladders
Vintage ladders may not seem like a nice touch to a yard, but if it is put into the right spot with the right amount of plants on it, the look will be nice. If you find a vintage ladder, you will want to use a wood sealer to keep it from deteriorating too much. This will not affect the look of the ladder, but will help it hold up to rain storms that often occur during the spring months. It would also be a good idea to place the ladder in the garden with the legs slightly buried in the ground. I know this seems strange but it will help to stabilize the ladder in the yard, unless you can place it on a patio. If you are going to add plants to the ladder use those that have a lot of greenery, and a little splash of color.