Tips for Growing Black Krim Tomatoes

Tips for Growing Black Krim Tomatoes
Last summer I grew my first batch of Black Krim Tomatoes starting from seeds. I was pleased with the results for the most part.

Black Krim tomatoes are an heirloom variety of tomatoes that originated in Russia. They are slightly black in color but are more of a deep dark purple on the top and a dark red toward the bottom of the fruit. They take about 80 days to get fruit when you start them from seeds.

I was very happy with the amount of plants that germinated from the seeds I used and once I planted them in the garden they grew very well making nice thick plants and producing a large amount of tomatoes on each plant.

The Black Krim is very tasty with a rich flavor that is a multipurpose type of tomato. I use them raw and fresh sliced on salad or on a sandwich. But I also used them for canning and I was very happy to can with them since they added a rich color to my sauces. I did not use them alone in a sauce; I always used them with a variety of red tomato. Someday I may try to can just the Black Krim in a sauce and see what I get.

I also tried to freeze the Black Krim but again I did not freeze them in a package alone. I always added them to a pack of red tomatoes that were mostly roma tomatoes. They did a good job at freezing as well. When I thawed them I used them in cooking and they kept their flavor very well after being frozen.

What I was not happy with was that the bugs liked my Black Krim tomatoes as much as I did. Who can blame them since the Black Krim is so tasty. I found that if I did not pick them just before they were perfectly ripe that the bugs would get to them. This was frustrating since I wanted the Black Krims for myself. The bugs started on the bottom of the tomato so I did not see them until I picked the fruit. The bugs were also very good at eating the entire inside of the tomato and leaving the outside.

I suggest if you grow the Black Krim that you pick them just before they are ripe and finish up the ripening indoors so the bugs don't take over yet you can still have organic tomatoes. You can read more about growing tomatoes here.