Unique Tips for Spring Gardeners

Unique Tips for Spring Gardeners
Gardening can look easy to most: Put seeds in the ground, water and hope there is enough light to make those seedlings grow into a delicious array of fresh fruits and vegetables in your back yard. The sad truth is that those outwardly simple plants are actually complex organisms with specific needs to grow up big and strong. Spring gardening is a perfect example, the benefits achieved due to paying attention to details and treating each specific plant accordingly are significant.

Most gardeners know that planting certain plants next to each other will enhance their growing experience, a great and unusual pair to try is sunflowers next to your cucumbers. Not only will both plants thrive in similar soil conditions, but the sweetness of the cucumber will receive a boost. In addition to those great upgrades, the strong and tall stalks of the sunflower will give that juicy cucumber something to climb.

Water is the go-to when you think of giving your plants something to drink, but did you know that chamomile tea will also keep them healthy? Not only will it keep bacterial and fungal infections from ravaging your delicate plants, but the seedlings will also avoid the dreaded dampening.

Outside influences are something every gardener will have to deal with. Let's face it, you can't be standing by at all times, so some preventative measures will put your mind at ease. Birds are a problem for those crocus bulbs, finding them a great meal. Planting some lavender nearby will distract the birds by luring them away with their lovely fragrance. Beautiful and effective!

Want to get a good start on the season? Start your seedlings indoors 2-3 weeks before with a small florescent light, no need to get anything too expensive, a normal florescent light seemed to be enough to get your little guys going. When the time comes to plant your new crops, the starts will be ready to produce that much quicker. If needed, cutting the large end off a gallon milk jug can make a great humidity dome while waiting for the weather to warm up.

Another unique tip that might help with your planting adventure is to plant by moonlight. Gardens have shown to grow faster and stronger when planted during the daylight. A bonus to this somewhat different approach is saving on your water waste, in turn helping our beloved environment stay beautiful.