Weed Control: Newspaper can Help you with Weeds

If your waist and lack of muscle tone don't allow you to bend over like you used to, weed control could be a problem. It was for me, until I turned my newspaper into a weed killer. Why? It's weed control without toxic chemicals and it only has to be done once for the growing year. I know, I'm lazy. If you are too, maybe your newspaper can turn into a weed killer too!

I must say this is easy. I will walk you through it. Get your soil the way you want it. If you need to add manure and such, do it. Once you have your soil the way you want it, get out the hose and start watering. I usually keep the water on for at least a half an hour, but an hour is ideal. Water long enough to give the soil a good soaking. You can dig a hole after watering to see just how far down your water went.

After letting the water soak in good, get out your newspapers. Why are we using them? Newspapers won't let the sunshine through to the weeds waiting in your soil. Once they get a good shot of sunlight, they are off and growing. It is important to use "several" newspapers when using this weed control. The thicker the layer of newspapers, the better weed control you will get.


I try to use about a half inch deep layer of newspapers. This keeps the new growth of weeds from sprouting and it keeps those bigger perennial weeds from coming back. I figure if you are going to go to the trouble of getting down on those hands and knees, you might as well make it worth your time and effort. Do not be stingy with the newspaper that is going to be your weed killer.

Don't use advertisements and don't use the shiny colored paper. I like to stay with just the newspapers. Lap your layers so there are no gaps for a weed to sneak through. Then give the final newspaper layers another drink of water.

I also like to cover the newspapers with a mulch. I usually use grass clippings in my garden and rock or bark in the flower gardens. It looks better when the papers are covered and it helps to keep them in place should they get dried out.

Using newspapers in this way helps to encourage earth worms in your garden! They are like having little helpers that nourish your soil and help keep it from compacting.

Okay, it takes a little time to get this done. But once you have it in place, think of all the time you will save using this weed control. Your newspaper really will be turned in to your weed killer!