Arkansas Highway Wildflowers: Wildflower Routes

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department has designated approximately 1,000 miles of Arkansas highways along which a multitude of Arkansas wildflowers can be observed. The purpose of the wildflower routes is to preserve existing Arkansas wildflowers, and this is accomplished through maintenance techniques that help the wildflowers of Arkansas to thrive. Both annuals and perennials flourish along these highways, brightening travelers' way throughout the state.

Wildflower Routes. Just a few of the 1,000 miles of Arkansas Highway Wildflowers include areas along Highway 51 in Clark County, Highway 412 in Benton County, Interstate 540 in Washington County, Highway in 62 Carroll County, and Interstate 530 in Pulaski County.

Wildflowers. A wide variety of the over 600 existing types of wildflowers found in Arkansas can be seen along the Wildflower Routes, including those described below.

Pale Purple Coneflower. This Arkansas wildflower blooms from May through July, and can be found beside the highways of the Ozark Plateau, Ouachita Mountains, and West Gulf Coastal Plain. This native perennial grows to be about three feet tall, with lavender pink leaves and chocolate brown seed heads.

Indian Paintbrush. Look for this lovely native annual along the highways of the Ozark Plateau, the West Gulf Coastal Plain, and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. This Arkansas wildflower blooms from April through June. Growing to heights of one to two feet tall, you'll easily recognize this wildflower by its bright orange and scarlet upturned bracts (the leaf-like part of the plant surrounding the flower).

Showy Evening Primrose. This Arkansas wildflower can be found statewide, blooming along Arkansas highways from April through July. A native perennial, its lovely flowers bloom in either white or pink, growing to heights between one and two feet. This Arkansas wildflower is drought resistant, and flourishes along the state's highways.

Black-Eyed Susan. Another wildflower that can be found along Arkansas highways throughout the state, this beautiful native perennial will bloom from May all the way through October. This wildflower is instantly recognized by its large, showy petals of yellow, surrounding a dark brown center.