How Urban Chickens Can Benefit a Yard

How Urban Chickens Can Benefit a Yard

5 Ways that Backyard Chickens Can Improve the Health of Your Lawn and Garden

Why do you want backyard chickens? If you are like most people, farm fresh eggs is the primary reason for having a small flock of chickens. Eggs from chickens that are allowed to free range in the yard are tastier, larger, and so much fresher than eggs purchased at the store. And because you control what the chickens eat, you know exactly what's going into those scrumptious eggs.
I'm in my 6th year of raising backyard chickens and along with a steady supply of organic eggs, my yard has also benefited in many different ways. Here's how.

Free chicken manure
Chicken manure is one of the finest organic manures around and is super easy to work with too. Whenever I clean the hen house, both the manure and their straw bedding goes straight to the compost bin where it turns into nitrogen rich compost in 5-6 weeks.

No pests
I used to have a horrible time with box elder bugs, earwigs, squash beetles, slugs and other vegetable garden pests until we got chickens. My chickens will graze on creepy crawlers all day long which keeps our vegetable gardens, flower beds, and the rest of the yard pest free. For organic gardeners like me, this is a huge time saver!

Great for the soil
Chickens are also quite effective at aerating and turning over the soil. In the early spring before my veggies go in the ground, I'll turn my chickens loose in the garden beds where they do an amazing job of loosening up the dirt while removing weed roots and weed seeds.

Will attract other birds
Every since having chickens, I've noticed a huge increase in the wild birds that come to my backyard as well. Wild birds take care of pests that my chickens can't reach such as aphids, mosquitoes, and various tree insects. Some species such as starlings, sparrows, and finches will even gobble up those pesky elm seeds and other weed seeds that cover my yard in the spring.

Improve the grass
It's not just my vegetable garden that benefits from free range chickens but the lawn does too. Chickens will aerate the lawn, remove thatch buildup, tackle lawn pests and weeds, and even improve soil texture. Thanks to my backyard chickens, the grass in my yard is the healthiest looking it has been in years.