Ideas for an Easy and Creative Garden Walkway

Ideas for an Easy and Creative Garden Walkway

Alternatives to Plain Concrete Pavers

A walkway through the center of a ground-level or raised-bed garden helps to keep shoes clean and dry. It also adds tremendous decorative appeal to a basic plot. Cement pavers are a practical solution, but they do nothing to aesthetically improve the space. Expensive store-bought stepping stones are not required when trying to create a gorgeous path. Use these easy and creative ideas for a new garden walkway. They are fantastic alternatives to ordinary concrete blocks.

Line a Pine or Cypress Mulch Walkway with Colored Glass Bottles
Save dozens of colored glass bottles that range from 10 to 16 ounces. They can be used to make a gorgeous garden path. After saving enough bottles to stretch from one end to the next, place landscaping fabric down the center of the plot. Fortify the sides with plastic edging, and top the fabric with pine or cypress mulch in a color of your choice. Line the edging with the glass bottles. Gently push the necks of the bottles into the ground. They will beautifully outline the walkway. Wrap solar-powered light strings around the bottles for a spectacular nighttime display.

Arrange Painted Bricks to Create a Path
Bricks might not seem like unique material for creating a garden walkway, but they can look unique when painted. Coat ordinary red bricks with exterior latex concrete paint in colors of your choice. Consider going with two or three hues instead of just one. Cut and layout landscaping fabric. Arrange the bricks in a visually interesting pattern instead of just placing them side by side. If you have plenty of time and lots of patience, leave ½" of space in between each one. Fill in the open spaces with white marble stones.

Create a Hand Print Path
Hand prints can be used to create a unique garden walkway. Hands work the soil while playing a significant role in producing all sorts of veggies, fruit and other plant life. Buy concrete mix, and save pizza boxes of equal size. Mix the concrete according to package directions, and pour it into the boxes. Before the concrete sets, press your hand into the mixture to create a perfect print in the center of each one. Remove the cardboard from around the hardened forms. For something really unique, fill the impressions with glass pebbles. Glue them in place with concrete adhesive. Your garden walkway will be original, eye-catching and a great addition to your backyard plot.