Creative Ways to Use Wooden Crates in the Garden

Creative Ways to Use Wooden Crates in the Garden

Create Gorgeous Floral and Foliage Displays

Wooden crates might seem like ordinary rustic containers that once held produce, but when filled with flowers and foliage, they can be creatively arranged and used to decorate the yard in impressive new ways. Unlike ordinary round pots, they offer many more possibilities, especially in the garden. Instead of planting simple rows, do something different. You can create gorgeous tiered or stacked displays, and without the help of a professional.

Begin with a Coating of Water Sealer
To make your wooden crates last longer when placed outdoors, coat them inside and out with a water repelling sealer. It is well worth the cost since it will greatly extend the life of the planters. It will repel moisture and block damaging ultraviolet rays. Store the containers in a protected location during the winter months. When properly treated and stored, they will last for years instead of a single season.

Create a Border of Flowers
Wooden crates can be used to make a unique border of flowers around a simple garden bed. Arrange them around the perimeter, and be sure to leave an opening at one end. Line the crates with heavy landscaping plastic, and fill them drainage stones and rich organic soil. Add vibrant petunias or another plant that produces thick foliage and gorgeous blooms.

Make a Tiered Display with Flowers and Vines
Tiered floral displays are absolutely gorgeous, especially when used to border a garden. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on professional landscaping and specialty planters. They are easy to create with wooden crates, and they do not have to be permanent. Since they are rectangular in shape, they are easy to stack, arrange and move as desired.

Line the containers with heavy landscaping plastic before filling them with a layer of gravel for drainage. Add rich organic soil before stacking the crates. Create two side-by-side rows on the bottom. Top the base with a single row down the center. Line the edges with vinca vines, and fill the centers with flowers of your choice.

Create a Gorgeous Stacked Display
Haphazardly stacked wooden crates also looks phenomenal in a garden, especially when placed at the corners. Arrange two crates with corners touching, and stack a single crate on top. Fill them with drainage stones, mineral-rich soil and plants of your choice. Work the ground in between the stacked planters, and add low-growing flowers to complete the display. Impatiens are ideal. They will thrive and grow in the shade of the flower-filled wooden crates.