Top 10 Apps Every Gardener Should Have

Best Apps for Gardening Tips, Advice, and Articles

Gardening is a very effective means of relaxation for many gardeners. Those who garden take great pride in their plants, and there is a lot of information available to those who garden on ways to improve their gardening. Below are my favorite apps for gardeners. Each has its own benefits and provides different information.

Organic Gardening Magazine is a digital version of the print magazine available to iPad users. It provides useful articles on a variety of gardening topics and offers expert garden advice and helpful tips to beginners.

House & Garden is also a digital version of the print magazine and provides iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users with information and photos on a vast array of feature articles related to gardening. It focuses on interior design, as well as gardening.

NatureGate provides users with a guide to hundreds of wild life species. The in depth guide allows users to search for species using a variety of methods including searches for their English names, scientific names, or by genus or family. This particular app is especially beneficial to those with an appreciation for the science behind gardening.

Garden Squared is an app for Android users which helps with the measurement of gardens and vegetable plots by allowing users to select the dimensions they wish to use. The purpose of this app is to assist gardeners in planning and visualizing their gardens.

Mother Earth News is a great app for those who love do it yourself projects. This particular app has a large collection of do it yourself gardening projects and also provides how to information on topics such as organic foods, natural health, and renewable energy.

Celtic Garden Free is a live wallpaper app for Android users which provides a serene and calming garden scene.

Tea Garden Live is very similar to the Celtic Garden Free app. It features a Japanese garden scene with a waterfall and moving water. It is also for Android users.

iPflanzen is a very unique app that can identify plants by a photo. All users have to do is use their mobile devices to snap a photo of the plant, and the app will be able to identify and analyze it.

Landscaper's Companion is a content heavy app which serves as a reference guide for more than 26,000 plants. It is available through the iTunes app store and costs $4.99.

101 Recipes from Nature's Garden is a very useful app for gardeners. It features simple, yet creative ways for gardeners to prepare their fruits and vegetables.