Top 10 Gardening Apps for New and Experienced Gardeners

Spring is finally in the air and that means gardening season is just around the corner. Digging in the dirt has gone high tech. Both novice and experienced gardeners alike can garner some useful tips and hints from the top 10 gardening apps currently available on Apple and Android formats. Before planting that first seed brush, up on traditional gardening techniques and useful innovations with just the tap of your smart phone screen.
Top 10 Gardening Apps Pocket Garden allows users to browse hundreds of varieties of vegetables to guide your pre-season planting activities. One of my favorite functions of this gardening app is the tool which allows users to track planting dates. The feature also offers germination and harvesting advice based upon both the type of seed planted and the date it was placed into the ground. The Rain Harvest app is extremely helpful for folks who utilize either a home irrigation system or a rain barrel attached to a drip hose to water plants. The app allows users to calculate how much water fell onto the roof during a recent rainstorm, and factors how much water has accumulated and can be used to water plant. The app calculates in either millimeters or inches. 
The Landscaper's Companion is a favorite for growers who focus upon shrubbery and trees in addition to plants. A searchable library boasts growing information about more than 25,000 types of plants, trees, and shrubbery. Practical Preppers app encompasses all things off grid. Users can learn how to create a water catchment system, solar powered energy system, as well as cultivation aids. 
Scott Hunt, the engineer who designed the app, has been featured on a host of television series and news broadcasts. The Gardening Toolkit is extremely helpful for novice growers or those who just can't seem to get their thumb green enough each gardening season. The app teaches users the best place and time to plant crops and offers tips on how to have a successful crop as well. The Vegetable 
Gardening Guide gives great tips and instructions on how to grow and harvest crops just like all the other apps on the top 10 list, but is also provides incredibly detailed illustrations or the growing process with useful links as well. The Organic Gardening Magazine app also offers wonderful photos as well as in-depth gardening articles and tips for cultivating GMO-free crops. The "good" and "bad" buys report is particularly useful. Garden Squared is a growing layout app which guides users through the bed dimensions process and other important structural growing techniques. House & 
Garden app is a computerized version of Conde Nast's growing indoors and out magazine. This app is perfect for the homesteader who both grows food and raises livestock. Into Gardens takes users from the backyard to the dinner table. British garden designer James Alexander-Sinclair teachers users how to be incorporate what is grown into meals the entire family will enjoy.