Try Vertical Gardening with These 4 Climbing Vines

Try Vertical Gardening with These 4 Climbing Vines
When gardening space is limited or you want to draw the eye upward or you need to hide something unsightly in your landscape, a climbing vine may be the answer. The vertical growth of climbing takes up only small amount of landscape space (none if the plants are grown in containers) and their growing habits can be used to provide shade, color and/or camouflage in an outdoor space.

Mandevilla is an easy-care climbing vine that gives a tropical feel to an outdoor space with its large, colorful blooms. Mandevilla grows quickly and produces dark green foliage that stays green year 'round and makes a perfect backdrop for the large pink, white and red exotic-looking blooms that bloom all summer. This vine can be grown in a container or in-ground and will reach a mature height of about 10 feet. In cold, northern climates, mandevilla will die down to ground level and go into dormancy after the first frost, but will perk up and return to life when warm weather arrives in spring.

Clematis is a popular and colorful climbing vine. It's an easy-to-grow vine that produces large blooms in white, red, purple and pink. This vertical growing vine will reach a mature height of 10 feet and when planted in a sunny location and given a thick layer of much to keep it's roots cool. Clematis come in spring-blooming varieties, summer-blooming varieties and some new hybrid varieties that provide summer blooms and a brilliant fall foliage.

If fragrance and jaw-dropping blooms are on your wishlist for vertical growing vines, then wisteria is the vine for you. Wisteria grows fast and is often used to create a living roof on top of pergolas and arbors. Mature wisteria vine will become heavy and will need a sturdy support system to grow on.

Climbing Roses
Climbing roses are romantic and sentimental beauties that can be trained to grow up and over any outdoor structure. Trellises, arbors and fences are a given support structure for climbing roses, but the flexible canes can also be trained to grow vertical against the side of a garage or other outdoor structure that needs to be camouflaged. Climbing roses will produce fragrant and colorful blooms all summer when planted in a sunny location and provided with a steady supply of water and fertilize.