Unique Ways to Use Metal Tubs as Outdoor Planters

Unique Ways to Use Metal Tubs as Outdoor Planters

Saving Money on Yard and Garden Displays with Unique Design Ideas

Some of the very best outdoor planters are not made of stone, concrete, terracotta or cast resin. They are made of inexpensive metal, and they are an affordable alternative to flowerpots that can look just as good. With enamel paint and creative methods of arrangement, galvanized containers can look phenomenal. Consider these unique ways to use metal tubs and planters, and create an impressive display of flowers, foliage and more. The contents of the containers will steal the show in your yard or garden.
Begin By Spray Painting the Tubs
It is amazing how color can completely change something plain. Before using metal tubs as outdoor planters, coat them with metal primer and paint for outdoor use. These day you can find spray paint in every color of the rainbow, and some include texture and other unique effects. If desired, you can make cheap galvanized metal look just like stone.

Make a Gorgeous and Impressive Three-Tiered Display
When looking for unique ways to use metal tubs for planting, consider setting up a three-tiered arrangement. Buy containers in graduating sizes, and fill them with rich organic soil. Stack the planters with the largest one on the bottom and the smallest one on top. Plant vinca vines around the edges of the bottom tub and low-growing flowers on the inside. Opt for another low-growing variety for the middle container, and consider a spike for the top.

Thread Metal Buckets onto a Planter Pole
You can create an amazing display with a single metal tub and three metal buckets. Fill a large galvanized container with soil, and drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the first bucket. The hole should be just a little more than one inch in diameter.

Next, push a one-inch diameter metal rod into the center of the soil filled container, and pack the dirt around it. Attach a hose clamp to the metal rod approximately six inches from the top of the soil. The purpose of the hose clamp is to support the bucket. Thread the first bucket onto the rod, and fill it with soil.

Drill a two-inch hole in the center of the second and third bucket. Thread the second one onto the metal rod, and tip it either left or right. Fill it with soil. The first bucket will support it. 

Thread the last bucket onto the rod, and tilt it in the opposite direction. Fill it with soil, and plant petunias in a color of your choice in the buckets and the metal tub. It will look as if waves of flowers are pouring from the buckets and into the container below.