Use Newspaper to Keep Weeds From Growing in Your Yard

Newspaper Weed Prevention

 I'm not young anymore so, when I call someone old, they really are. And, I love tips from an old person who has lived many years, and learned many things. So, when an elderly guy that I know told me about a trick for keeping weeds out of my yard, I was definitely listening. I don't have time for all of that weed-eating, and I certainly don't want to pay to have it done, so I took his advice: use newspaper to keep weeds away. I'll tell you how.
True, you would expend too much energy and time if you decided to use the newspaper technique on a large garden. However, for along sidewalks, around trees, and around bushes, the newspaper trick works great. You'll spend much less time with the weed eater and more time enjoying your yard.
Plant what you want and add nutrients to the dirt. After that, cut newspaper in strips, and put them around the plant. Put several layers of newspaper in a stack, cut them into long strips, and then wet each stack. Lay one strip on the ground, next to the plant, and continue in that manner until you've encircled the plant, bush, or new tree. Cover the newspaper with mulch and forget about it. The newspaper will prevent weeds from coming up around your new plant.
Even if you're not putting in a plant, the newspaper trick can help you keep weeds away from sidewalks and such. Dig a narrow trench, a few inches deep, and lay the wet newspaper strips down in it. Go from one end to the other with the wet paper. Cover with soil or mulch and worry not at all about weeds.
There are other materials that work about like the newspapers. Try wet paper bags, black trash bags, or ordinary plastic. With the chosen material, you can prevent weeds from growing around flower gardens, sandboxes, swing set legs, walkways, and many other places. It takes a good bit of time to install all of that newspaper, but over the years, you'll appreciate that you did so.
Taking care of a yard, especially one that has flowers, bushes, trees, and more, can be challenging and time-consuming. But you'll save yourself hours of work each month by using newspaper to do the work for you. You get rid of weeds, don't have to use any chemicals, and get to relax rather than work in the yard each weekend.


Hand spade

Mulch and/or dirt