10 Gardening Apps for IPhone and IPad

10 Gardening Apps for IPhone and IPad
There really is an app for everything and your garden is no exception. Here are 10 gardening apps that will help plan and cultivate your crops.

1. Garden Pro - This app catalogs over 7,000 plants! It gives growing information, and will even remind you when to water! There is a "to-do list" function, and you can even document your own garden with notes and photos. This app is 99¢!

2. Garden Tracker - Garden Tracker lets you map out your garden on a grid you design, and then track its progress. A feature I really like is that you can choose different types of gardens, like backyard or container. It is $2.99 in the App Store!

3. Organic Gardening Magazine - This app is free, but it enables you to purchase and read copies of Organic Gardening Magazine on your handheld device!

4. Gardening Toolkit - This app will help you determine what to plant in your climate zone! This is a good one for beginners. It is $1.99 in the App Store!

5. Rain Harvest - Now this app is really interesting if you have a rain barrel or collect rain water. It calculates how much water you should be able to collect off of your roof. This app is free!

6. Grow Planner Gardening App - This app is specifically designed for iPads, and lets you plan, map and track your garden. It is $9.99 in the App Store

7. Garden Time Planner - The Garden Time Planner app tells you when to plant based on your region. It advises you when to harvest, and will even alert you when your next planting or transplanting date is. The best part is it is free!

8. Garden Minder - This app is from Gardener's Supply Company, and even though the app is completely free you get $10 off a $20 purchase just for downloading it!

9. Vegetable Planting Calendar - This app tells you when to plant, what plants can withstand frost, and gives basic planting instructions. It has a very clean, simple interface and is free!

10. Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier - When gardening goes wrong, this app will help you determine what blight has struck your plants. You just snap a picture and a team of Garden Advisors will analyze it.
This spring a great garden may only be a click away!

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