Special Relaxing Touches You Can Add to Your Patio

So you don't have a large yard, but you have a nice size patio, however you don't appreciate your neighbor watching you relax, and it's not really that comfortable. So how can you add a little bit of privacy to your patio area. With a few special touches you can have a relaxing patio area, without too many prying eyes. Or perhaps you just want a piece of yard where you can kick back and relax during the spring and summer months.

Garden Wall
A simple garden wall on your patio can give you a nice amount of privacy with a great look. The best part is that you don't need to have a concrete wall, but can have one covered in with a few bushes and flowers. It will take a little bit of investment on your part, but if you shop early spring you may find a few sales. Be sure that you take measurements so that you get enough bushes to cover the outer edge of the patio. The bushes need to be high enough so that it gives you a bit of privacy. If you measure incorrectly. Try doing a bit of research on Pinterest to find a few garden walls idea.
Special Relaxing Touches You Can Add to Your Patio
Bird House Fence
If you like the sounds and sights of birds in the morning or throughout the day, then a bird house fence may be for you. A bird house fence can basically be a stockade fence with a few of the posts replaced with bird houses. It adds a nice touch to the fence, and gives a unique look. You can even experiment with different unique colors. Why not make your patio a place of relaxation, and comfort while adding privacy.

Comfortable seating
Of course the best part of any patio is that you can make a comfortable seating area. The best part about the seating area is that you don't have to spend a lot of money. You just need to look for the right sales and deals. You also don't need a lot of seating, but just enough to keep you and a few guests comfortable.

Outdoor carpet
One thing I really enjoy about a patio is the outdoor carpet. It's really relaxing to walk outdoors without any shoes on, and just relax. There are plenty of outdoor carpets that are made to deal with the elements, and easy to clean. However, a lot of outdoor carpets do not have any cushion to them, but you will not be walking on it for too long, so no need to worry about the thickness.

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