10 Great Free Gardening Apps for Your IPhone

10 Great Free Gardening Apps for Your IPhone
It's spring once again, and all of us are getting our green thumbs out of our mittens and are starting to plant and plan our gardens for this spring. Thanks to smart phones, gardening has never been easier. There are gardening apps to help you decide what to plant, when to plant them, how much water they need, and how to store vegetables once you pick them. Below are some of the best FREE gardening apps available right now to help you with your planting!

Gardening: Ultimate Guide
While this gardening app doesn't offer very much in terms of tools, it has lots of information that is great for beginner gardeners who need help with the simple stuff. Short articles like "40 Gardening Tips" or "14 Gardening Tricks" would be useful for those without a lot of experience planting and would like some tips before they start.

Vegetable Planting Calendar
This gardening app is a list of every vegetable imaginable as well as when, where and how to plant it. The list is quite comprehensive and includes over 90 vegetables, some of which you might never have heard of. It's also easy to use and includes a handy "What's my frost date calendar" feature. These developers also offer a paid gardening app for growing Chili Peppers.

Home Gardening - Growing Flowers and Food in Your Backyard
The free version of this gardening app is full of informative articles about general gardening and flowers. They include topics from "Feng Shui in the Garden" to "Beware of Toxic Mulch". While this gardening app is more information than function, many of the topics are useful for planning or maintaining your garden.

Organic Gardening Plant Planner
In this gardening app, you created a virtual garden based on your location. You can then select plants and get lots of information about them, such as seed planting depth and planting time. For harvest-able plants, you can input the planting date and it will tell you when they should be harvested. It will also give you reminders about your virtual garden, such as when you are supposed to plant something. The information includes mostly edibles, but has plants as well. This gardening app would be best suited to those who have a bit of experience growing vegetables and planting.

Grow Your Own
This is another gardening app for those of you that are true beginners at growing fruits and vegetables. Not only will this app help you grow the 20 plants that come with the free version, but will help you decide on which plants to grow based on your abilities, time and space available. This gardening app will also tell you if there is frost or a drought in your area so that you can adjust accordingly.

FREE Grow Your Own Herbs from Garden Organic
Not only does this gardening app includes information on going organic, but also includes a comprehensive listing of herbs. The app tells you when to plant them, difficulty, growing tips and when to eat. One of the best gardening apps for those trying out organic planting for the first time, as the tips can also be used on vegetables, berries or fruits.

Gardening Reference Guide!
Although not as comprehensive as some of the other gardening apps, Gardening Reference Guide provides photos, water and soil information and bloom time for an encyclopedia of plants. This app has a bit more information about plants than others on this list.

Our Rose Garden
This gardening app comes to us from the people at the University of Illinois and covers all things roses, from pests to planting. This is a great guide for anyone who has or wants roses in their garden. The app also includes links to YouTube videos about rose care.

Harvest Landscape Calculator
This handy gardening app takes the guesswork out of how much soil, mulch or stone to purchase for your next big project. It calculates how many bags you need based on area and what soil depth you are planning. It even tells you how many pickup truck loads it will be, so you know ahead of time if you will need to make two trips. This gardening app is perfect for those of you that tackle large landscaping projects often, or are planning one over this season.

Garden Time Planner
This gardening app gives you a large number of flowers, vegetables and herbs with information about their ideal growing conditions. This app is great when you are choosing plants and deciding where to plant them. This app also includes real-time weather information and frost dates. More apps