Gardening With Technology: Ten Best Apps for Creating a Bountiful Garden

Spring is in the air and all gardening fanatics and aficionados are gearing up for a great growing season. You've poured through seed catalogs during the long winter and have probably made plans for new beds, plantings and many of you have already started indoor seedlings.

With smartphones and tablets come apps that are not only helpful and useful, but mandatory for many gardeners who are on the go. Here are ten gardening apps that you need now:

Gardening Manual

This free app, available on all devices, is a great way to maintain your garden with a calendar and information on landscaping and plant disease.


Keep your gardening tasks on schedule with this free app. The calendar is a must-have when you tend to forget when to water or plant new additions to your garden, according to the season and temperatures.

Grow Planner
Available for the iPad, this app is $9.99, yet it delivers a multitude of functions such as the plant spacing function as well as weather updates, seed catalogs and pest control.

Healing with Herbs

Although not a gardening app per se, Healing with Herbs is a compatible app which comes in extremely handy for the garden herbalist. Its features include instructions on herbal uses in natural healing.

Garden Time Planner

This app for the iPhone and iPad comes from Burpee, a trusted seed company. It enables the gardener to plan dates for seed sowing and transplant.

Garden Compass Plant / Disease Identifier

This free Apple-based app is a lifesaver for those who need information on plants and plant disease. Take a photo of an unidentified plant or diseased plant and submit. Horticulturalists will identify and diagnose based on your photo.

Armitage's Greatest Perennials and Annuals

An app that will come in handy for the flower-lover, find information on perennials and annuals based on your region as well as their tolerance for shade or sun. This app is also available for android users.

Plant Picks for Small Gardens

Not all gardeners have a large space to grow their favorite plants; this app is perfect for the person who is low on space as well as the container gardener.

Cactus Plant Encyclopedia

Sometimes cacti and succulents are hard to identify; this app will definitely be helpful for those who love these water-saving plants, but are curious about their name and origin.

Your Rose Garden

Your Rose Garden is a great application for those who are into roses, offering a plethora of information on every type of rose and how to nourish their growth and health.

No matter what you enjoy in your garden, these apps are sure to please the beginner and expert gardener alike.